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Vol. 2, No. 3, p. 13-16 - Jun. 30, 2015


Epidemiology of hepatitis B virus surface and core antigens among pregnant women visiting Ring Road Hospital for antenatal care in Ibadan South-West, Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria

F. A. Kuta and O. E. Babatunde

This study was carried out to determine the prevalence of hepatitis B virus surface and core antigens among pregnant women visiting Ring Road Hospital for antenatal care in Ibadan, South-West, Local Government Area. Out of 150 blood samples collected and screened, using Diaspot® test strips, ten were found positive (6.6%). Pregnant women within 25-29 years had the highest prevalence of (2.7%) the lowest prevalence of 0.6% was found among pregnant women within the age group of 35-39 years. Pregnant women that are from polygamous family had (4.0%) while those from monogamous recorded 2.7%. Similarly, pregnant women with history of blood transfusion had 5.3% while those without history of blood transfusion recorded 1.3%. Chi-square analysis revealed that age, history of blood transfusion and family type are not related to infection with hepatitis B virus in the studied area. More awareness campaign should be organized in order to educate populacion on the possible route of transmission of the disease. This will help bring down the burden of the disease in the studied area and by extensions in Nigeria.

Hepatitis B virus, Prevalence, Surface and core, Antigens, Antenatal, Yorubas.

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