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Vol. 2, No. 3 - Jun. 30, 2015


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The challenges of an online journal editor

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Ronilson José da Paz


Original research

Role of free-living protozoa in the occurrence and survival of Vibrio cholerae O1 in aquatic ecosystem 259 KB
Ferdous Nawar and M. Niamul Naser 3-12

Epidemiology of hepatitis B virus surface and core antigens among pregnant women visiting Ring Road Hospital for antenatal care in Ibadan South-West, Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria

382 KB
F. A. Kuta and O. E. Babatunde 13-16

Seroprevalence of hepatitis A among individuals with chronic hepatitis B infection in Isfahan Province, Iran 570 KB
Parisa Shoaei, Somayeh Najafi, Laleh Zeid Abadi Nejad, Behrooz Ataei, Majid Yaran, Zary Nokhodian and Bahareh Vakili

The relationship between indices of hepatocellular injury and anthropometric measurements in some Babcock University students, Ogun State, Nigeria 570 KB
Jamiu A. Akamo, Regina N. Ugbaja, Gogonte H. Amah, Ifeoluwa Fabuluje, Joy O. Edaferiemu, Nankang G. Lepzem and Kehinde O. Oyekale

Pharmacological effect of one icv dose of allopregnanolone in the female rat: behavioral profile 570 KB
Laura Tatiana Pelegrina, Carla Escudero, Fernando Alfredo Giuliani, Sebastián Marcelo Manuel García, Ricardo Jorge Cabrera and Myriam Raquel Laconi

Knowledge and use of medicinal plants in the Semiarid Region of Brazil 570 KB
Priscilla Clementino Coutinho, Zenneyde Alves Soares, Ezequiel da Costa Ferreira, Diego Souza, Rodrigo Silva de Oliveira and Reinaldo Farias Paiva Lucena

Antibacterial activity of the stem bark of Jatropha curcas L. against four bacteria species 570 KB
F. A. Kuta, A. N. Saidu and H. H. Aluwo

Correlation studies in seed traits, moisture and oil content, and effect of hormones on flowering of Jatropha curcas L. 570 KB
Rumi Kotoky, Anulekha Rabha, Animesh Gogoi, Subhan Chandra Nath and Siddhartha Proteem Saikia

Assessment of allelopathic efficacy of Parthenium hysterophorus L. plant parts on seed germination and seedling growth of Phaseolus vulgaris L. 570 KB
Tahseen, N. K. Hemanth Kumar and Shobha Jagannath

Comparative studies on phytochemical and proximate composition of four morphologically distinct segments of the conophor seedling Tetracarpidium conophorum (Müll. Arg.) Hutch. & Dalziel 570 KB
K. O. Oyekale, O. I. Odutayo, E. B. Esan, K. O. Ogunwemimo, O. A. Denton and D. T. Bolaji

Economic importance and seasonal population trends of grey date scale Parlatoria blanchardi (Targioni Tozzetti, 1892) (Homoptera: Diaspididae) in Jordan Valley 570 KB
Tawfiq M. Al Antary, Mashhour M. Al-Khawaldeh and Mazen A. Ateyyat

Importance and seasonal population dynamics of great date moth Arenipses sabella (Hampson, 1901) (Lepidopetra: Pyralidae) in Jordan Valley 570 KB
Tawfiq M. Al Antary, Mashhour M. Al-Khawaldeh and Mazen A. Ateyyat

Economic importance of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. (Liliopsida: Arecales: Arecaceae) pests in Jordan Valley 570 KB
Tawfiq M. Al Antary, Mashhour M. Al-Khawaldeh and Mazen A. Ateyyat

Removal of cyanobacterial toxins from drinking water sources by aluminium sulphate treatment 570 KB
Moghira Badar, Safder Shah Khan, Mahmood-ur-Rahman, Irshad Khokhar, Yasir Ch. and Fatima Batool

Litter-fall production in cool-temperate forest of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Uttarakhand Himalaya, India 570 KB
Shankar Datt Tiwari and Ritesh Joshi

Study on mangrove associated estuarine waters of Northeastern Bay of Bengal reveals potential diatom indicators of dissolved inorganic compounds 570 KB
Abhishek Mukherjee, Subhajit Das, Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Tarun Kumar De

Short communication

First record of the snail-eating snake Sibynomorphus mikanii (Schlegel, 1837) (Serpentes: Dipsadiidae) from Santa Catarina State, Central Southern Brazil 570 KB
A. Ignacio Agudo-Padrón and Jefferson Souza da Luz

Balance of the Brazilian molluscs "officially recognized" as threatened of extinction, with special emphasis in species occurring in the Southern Region 570 KB
A. Ignacio Agudo-Padrón