Brazilian Journal of Biological Sciences (ISSN 2358-2731)

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Vol. 7, No. 16, p. 217-224 - Aug. 31, 2020


SANTOS, D.; GONÇALVES, G. H.; APARECIDO, G. R.; SOARES, V. C. G.; MARQUES, S. A.; LOPES, E. S.; MOURA, C.; SALDIVA, P. H. N.; LOBO, D.-J. A.; BIZETO, L.; ROCHA-LIMA, A. B. C. Use of Tradescantia pallida (Rose) DR Hunt var. purpurea Boom (Commelinaceae) as biomonitor and bioaccumulator in water sources which is not indicated for population's supply. Braz. J. Biol. Sci. [online]. 2020, vol. 7, No. 16, p. 217-224. ISSN 2358-2731. DOI: 10.21472/bjbs(2020)071608


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