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Vol. 6, No. 13, p. 445-451 - Aug. 31, 2019


Histopathology and other aspects of echinostome infection in freshwater fishes of the South Western Ghats, India

Puthiyakandy Janardhanan Jithila and Puthanpurayil Kandambeth Prasadan

While investigating the trematode parasite infestation in the freshwater fishes of South Western Ghats, India we came across echinostome infection in three species of fishes Pseudosphromenus cupanus, Lepidocephalichthys thermlis and Aplochelus lineatus. Detailed histopathological studies on the infected kidney of the freshwater fish L. thermlis revealed severe damage and degeneration of their cells. The prevalence, intensity and mean abundance of infection of Echinostoma sp. in the three fishes were also recorded. The prevalences of Echinostoma sp. infection in the freshwater fishes P. cupanus, A. lineatus and L. thermalis were 5.55%, 66.66% and 25%, the intensities of infection were 4.5, 36 and 1, and the mean abundances were 0.25, 24 and 0.25, respectively.

Echinostoma sp.; freshwater fishes; histopathology; Western Ghats.


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