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Vol. 6, No. 12, p. 161-169 - Apr. 30, 2019


Physicochemical study of Delphinium denudatum Wall (Ranunculales: Ranunculaceae) and their antioxidant activity

Anil Kumar Gupta , Mahfoozurrahman Khan and Danish Khan

The drug jadwar known as Delphinium denudatum Wall (Ranunculales: Ranunculaceae), the jadwar consist of dried tuberous roots of D. denudatum. An annual glabrous or slightly downy herbs found is Western Himalayas from Kumaon to Kashmir at altitudes of 3,000 m to 4,500 m specially on grassy slopes. It is distinguished by its relatively small blue and violet color and it is one of the important drugs used as indigenous medicine in India, especially in where isolated from the petroleum ether-soluble fraction of roots of D. denudatum. Jadwar widely used in traditional unani system of medicine for the treatment of a variety of human ailments including epilepsy. In order to increase the bioavailability, the nanophytosome of the D. denudatum root aqueous fraction (DNP) was prepared, characterized and evaluation. The phospholipids complex of the obtain aqueous fraction (AF) was prepared with phospholipon 90H. The size of nanophytosome was determined by dynamic light scattering. HPTLC fingerprinting of the AF was also performed.

Delphinium denudatum; β-sitosterol; Physicochemical properties; Antioxidant activity; Delphinium denudatum uses and applications; DPPH.


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