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Vol. 5, No. 11, p. 673-681 - Dec. 31, 2018


Bioefficacy of Alstonia boonei leaf extract against cowpea beetle Callosobrochus maculatus infesting stored cowpea seeds in storage

Kayode David Ileke and Arotolu Temitope Emmanuel

This study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of the oils of Alstonia boonei leaf extracted with n-hexane, petroleum ether, methane and acetone as contact insecticides against the activities of Callosobrochus maculatus in stored cowpea seed. The oils were incorporated at rates 2.0 mL per 20 g of cowpea seeds. The parameters assessed include, mortality of adult insects, oviposition and adult emergence to ascertain the control of the beetle. All concentration of the extracts used evoked 100% mortality of C. maculatus after 72 h of post treatment. The development of Callosobrochus maculatus was inversely proportional to the concentration of the oil. As the ratio of Alstonia boonei leaf oil extract increased, the mortality of the beetle increased. Therefore, complete protection of seeds and complete inhibition of adult emergence in the oils extracts of Alstonia boonei. leaf were effective in controlling cowpea bruchid in stored cowpea seed.

Alstonia boonei; Leaf oil extracts; Cowpea seed; Callosobrochus maculates; Seed protection.


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