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Vol. 5, No. 10, p. 433-460 - Aug. 31, 2018


Taxonomic diversity of macrandrous species of Oedogonium Link ex Hirn (Chlorophyceae: Oedogoniales) with emphasis on ecology from Hooghly, West Bengal

Nilu Halder

The present paper includes detail taxonomic features of nine taxa of Oedogonium Link ex Hirn (Chlorophyceae: Oedogoniales) collected from Hooghly district, West Bengal, India. These taxa are Oedogonium bharuchae N.D. Kamat, Oedogonium cardiacum f. pulchellum Hirn, Oedogonium crispum var. pyriforme (Wittr. ex Hirn) A.K.M.N. Islam et P. Sarma, Oedogonium gunnii Wittr. ex Hirn, Oedogonium khannae f. minus Gonzalves et S.C. Jain, Oedogonium nanum Wittr. ex Hirn, Oedogonium pratense Trans., Oedogonium rivulare A. Br. ex Hirn and Oedogonium vaucheri A. Br. ex Hirn. All those taxa were found to grow epiphytically on the leaves and stems of submerged hydrophytes as filaments in quiet lentic freshwater bodies after the end of rainy season. Twelve limnological parameters like temperature, pH, DO, BOD, COD, NO3-N, PO43-, Cl-, free CO2, TDS, total hardness and turbidity of algal habitats were analyzed and found conducive for their occurrence and growth up to maturity (formation of fertile structures). The result of limnological study also indicated that all these species preferred to grow alkaline pH, less turbid and hard water. Studied limnological parameters recorded as water temperature: 17.5 oC-20 oC, pH range from 7.1-7.6, high dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration 6.4-7.2 mg.L-1, BOD values < 20.0 mg.L-1, moderate COD values and lower nutrient levels with other parameters like Cl-, free CO2, TDS, turbidity as 6.8-9.0 NTU and also hard nature of water ranged from 120-204 mg.L-1.

Macrandrous Oedogonium; Taxonomy; Ecology; Hooghly; West Bengal.


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