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Vol. 4, No. 8, p. 317-321 - Dec. 31, 2017


Glycogen and protein profiles of Clinostomum tilapiae Ukoli, 1966 (Digenea: Clinostomidae) and putative species Clinostomum Morphotype1 in a tropical river (Anambra River Basin, Otuocha, Nigeria)

Paul Chinedu Echi

There has been little attention to the glycogen and protein profiles of Clinostomum tilapiae Ukoli, 1966 (Digenea: Clinostomidae) and recently studied Clinostomum Morphotype1 as well as the epidemiological status of the later. The protein content of the cyst membrane 10.10 + 0.90 g/dL and host muscle tissue 11.9 + 0.80 g/dL are higher than the protein content of Clinostomum Morphotype1 tissue 7.9 + 0.40 g/dL. Conversely, the host muscle tissue glycogen content 8.25 + 1.07 mg/kg is slightly lower than both the cyst tissue 9.20 + 0.54 mg/kg and Morphotype1 9.06 + 0.79 mg/kg, respectively. However, the glycogen content of Clinostomum tilapiae 13.10 + 0.92 mg/kg is higher than both host muscle tissue glycogen content 8.25 + 1.07 mg/kg and the cyst tissue 9.20 + 0.54 mg/kg. Clinostomum tilapiae exhibited the invasive characteristic of trematodes. Season influenced the occurrence of Clinostomum Morphotype1 with higher prevalence in dry (54.01%) than rainy season months (45.98%).

Trematoda; Clinostomum tilapiae; Clinostomum Morphotype1; Glycogen; Protein; Seasonal variation.


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