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Vol. 4, No. 7, p. 25-34 - Jun. 30, 2017


Comparative study of leaf morphology, phytochemical, mineral and proximate analysis of Codiaeum variegatum (L.) A. Juss. (Malpighiales: Euphorbiaceae) and its stable mutant

Esan Edward Babatunde , Adaramola Feyisara Banji , Odutayo Foluke , Aina David Ayandiran and Kotun Fatima

Differences in terms of morphology, phytochemical, mineral and proximate compositions created as a result of a natural spontaneous mutation that produced a stable bud-sport on the vegetative parent body of a member of the Euphorbiacea Family Codiaeum variegatum cv. ovalifolium was compared. Morphological characterization of the leaves was done by leaf skeletonization, proximate and mineral analyzes were carried out by method of Association of Official Analytical Chemists while the phytochemical screening was carried out on 80% methanol extracts of the leaves using standard methods. From the results of the morphological characteristics, the mutant showed more vegetative vigor than the parent plant. Results of phytochemical screening showed that; while flavonoid was absent in both, cardiac glycosides and tannins were highly present in the parent but slightly present in the mutant. For both mutant and the parent, calcium had the highest concentration. Copper was absent in the parent while it occurred at the lowest concentration in the mutant. Also, the concentrations of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc were higher in the parent plant. Results of proximate composition of the plants showed that both mutant and the parent plant have high nutritive values. Conclusively, the morphological characters of the mutant were shown to distinctly differ from those of the parent plant. Also, both the mutant and its parent plant showed considerably good amount of important phytochemicals, minerals and proximate compositions, making them good prospects for food and medicine.

Garden croton; Mineral; Morphology; Mutant; Phytochemical; Proximate.


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