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Vol. 3, No. 5, p. 193-200 - Jun. 30, 2016


Study the influence of nitrogen on rennin production by fungi Rhizomucor miehei using solid-state fermentation

Houthail Al-Ahmad Al-Jammas , Hassan Al-Fathi , Walid Al-Khalaf and Anton Taifor

The effect of different nitrogen resources on the biosynthesis of milk clotting enzyme by Rhizmucor miehei was studied under solid state fermentation using wheat bran as base medium. Urea, peptone, albumin, casein, yeast extract were added with different concentrations (1%-10%). The response parameters were the ratio of milk clotting activity (MC) to proteolytic activity (PA) and protein content. The highest enzyme yield was achieved with casein at a rate of 2% w/w followed by 2% yeast extract, 1% albumin, 1% peptone, and 1% urea with values 5.6, 4.9, 4.2, 4, 3 mg/mL, respectively. Maximum enzyme activity (MCA/PA) was 50.4, 44.1, 37.8, 36, 27 SU for casein, yeast extract, albumin, peptone, and urea, respectively.

Rennin; Protease; Rhizomucor miehei; Solid state fermentation; Nitrogen.


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