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Vol. 3, No. 5, p. 135-142 - Jun. 30, 2016


Honey ameliorates ampiclox-induced testicular damage in male Wistar rats Rattus norvegicus (Berkenhout, 1769) (Rodentia: Muridae)

Eweoya Olugbenga Olawale , Emmanuel Betty and Ajayi Abayomi

In an experiment to determine the effect of honey on ampiclox-induced testicular damage in rats, twenty (20) adult Wistar rats Rattus norvegicus (Berkenhout, 1769) (Rodentia: Muridae) weighing 150-250 g were divided into four groups (A-D) of five rats each. Group A (control) was administered with 0.5 mL distilled water, group B was given freshly prepared honey orally by gavage daily at a dose of 1.2 g/kg body weight (b.wt), group C received ampiclox (50 mg/kg b.wt) daily while group D received ampiclox (50 mg/kg b.wt) and honey (1.2 g/kg b.wt) for a duration of 14 days. Findings indicate that honey significantly reduced ampiclox-induced damage on the testicular histology. It also improved the serum testosterone level and sperm parameters. The study suggests that honey has a protective effect against testicular damage caused by ampiclox.

Male infertility; Ampiclox; Sperm; Honey; Wistar rats.


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