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Vol. 2, No. 4, p. 271-286 - Dec. 31, 2015


Asymbiotic seed germination and mass multiplication of Taprobanea spathulata (L.) Christenson (Asparagales: Orchidaceae): a medicinally important epiphytic orchid

Natarajan Parimala Devi, Balamohan Lisipriya and Narmatha Bai

An effective protocol was developed for asymbiotic seed germination and mass multiplication of Taprobanea spathulata (L.) Christenson a medicinally important epiphytic orchid. Different types of media such as MS, B5, Mitra, KCM and LO media was tested for seed germination and protocorm development. Half strength MS medium was found to be best for seed germination (92.73 + 1.18%) and protocorm development. Protocorms were cultured on half strength MS medium with different growth hormones such as BAP, KIN, NAA, IAA (0.5-2.0 mg/L) either individually or in combination. Organic additives such as peptone, coconut water and tomato juice were tested either individually or in combination with KIN for multiple shoot induction. KIN (1.0 mg/L) along with IAA (1.0 mg/L) was found to be best in producing multiple protocorms (22.40 + 1.33) with 1.60 + 0.24 number of roots. The organic additives peptone at 0.5% individually (14.64 + 0.312) and 0.125% in combination with KIN (0.5 mg/L) was effective in producing 16.84 + 0.639 multiple protocorms. Both NAA and IAA at 0.5 mg/L individually were effective for inducing healthy roots. Plantlets with well-developed leaves and roots were transplanted to vermiculite for acclimatization. The survival rate was 67%.

Seed germination, Multiple protocorms, IAA, Peptone, Activated charcoal, Vermiculite.

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