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Vol. 2, No. 4, p. 245-251 - Dec. 31, 2015


The role of the type of substrate, particle size, and coagulations analytical method on microbial rennet synthesis by Mucor miehei Cooney & R. Emers., 1964 (Fungi: Zygomycota) via solid-state fermentation.

Bruna Fuga Araújo, Eliézer Lucas Pires Ramos, Jonas Contiero, Gabriela Lícia Santos Ferreira and Guilherme Garcia da Silveira

This study was performed to assess an alternative source of fungal rennet. This study aimed to investigate the influence of the substrate (wheat bran and broken gelatinized rice), bran particle size (fine and coarse), the addition of casein and the coagulation analysis method from Mucor miehei Cooney & R. Emers., 1964 (Fungi: Zygomycota) via solid-state fermentation. Cultivation of the micro-organism was performed in 10 g of substrate inoculated with a spore solution and incubated at 35 oC for 72 h. We opted to use Itambé skim milk for the coagulation analysis. Greater enzyme activity (2133.33 US) was found after 48 h using fine wheat bran with casein. The particle size of the substrate influenced the enzyme activity, wherein fine wheat bran was better compared to coarse wheat bran. In experiments employing broken gelatinized rice with casein, low enzymatic activity was observed, whereas no activity was detected using this substrate without casein. It is noteworthy that the enzyme activity found with fine wheat bran and casein was higher compared to other studies, indicating the need for further investigation.

Mucor miehei, Protease, Microbial rennin, Cheese, Fermentation process.

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