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Vol. 2, No. 4, p. 221-233 - Dec. 31, 2015


Plant growth promoter and biocontrol mechanism of endophytic fungi Botrytis sp.

G. Senthilmurugan@viji and S. Sekar

In this study, an endophytic fungus Botrytis sp isolated from healthy aerial root of Ficus benghalensis (Indian Banyan). It was tested for antagonistic and volatile activity against plant pathogens (Fusarium sp and Diplocarpon rosae). Moreover we have analyzed that endophytic fungal culture filtrate for herbicidal activity, seed germination test, pot culture experiment and estimation of chlorophyll and protein. Endophytic fungi Botrytis sp has showed significant inhibition in antagonistic and volatile activity against Diplocarpon rosae but slight antagonism and volatile activity against Fusarium sp however, endophytic fungi secondary metabolites showed no wilt symptom in herbicidal activity against Parthenium hysterophorous weed. The seed germination test analysis of endophytic fungi culture filtrate was found to be efficient enhancing germination of Sorghum bicolor and Vigna unguiculata seeds. In pot culture experiment also, Sorghum bicolor plants were treated with endophytic fungi culture filtrate promoted growth, when compared to control and also showed higher chlorophyll content at 20% treatment and protein was found to be higher in all concentrations.

Aerial root, Botrytis sp, Endophytic fungi, Ficus benghalensis.

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